Better late than never: HypeMachine treasures of 2013

Phew. Let me emphasize on that: PHEW. We’re halfway through the second month of 2014, and I have not had much time on my hands to post anything here. That does not mean that the thought didn’t cross my mind, which it did, and the thought told me I should post some musical diamonds of the preceding year found through the HypeMachine. As mentioned in a previous post, last year was a great year for me in many ways. It was the first year where I really started using the website, and it has been an awesome experience thus far. So, without further ado, lets get started with this list. I present to you the 20 best favorited song of 2013.

20. Max Frost – White Lies

Witty, funny and fresh are all words that fit the first single from the Austin, TX based producer and songwriter Max Frost.

19. Sekuoia – Evenings

With a clever use of samples and subtle percussion, Patrick Alexander Bech-Madsen AKA Sekuoia manages to bring forth a dreamy, late-night ish soundscape.

18. Anna Kendrick – Cups (Jellosea Remix)

Jellosea transforms Anna Kendrick’s Cups into a mellow, laid back track with low pitch vocals and a nice and easy beat-progression. Enjoy with a cup of coffee.

17. Shy Girls – Second Heartbeat

Affection materialized as soundwaves, Shy Girls deliver a creamy and equally dreamy pop track, tailored for lovers.

16. Tove Lo – Habits

Unlike the aforementioned track, Tove Lo’s Habits is about moving on from lost love. The track features a slightly more up-beat tempo and is adorned with the swedish singers youthful voice.

15. CitySyd – Rejsefeber

Rejsefeber, in danish meaning being nervous before a journey, is the perfect summer tune. Ever more perfect for the danish summer.

14. Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros – Home (RAC Remix)

RAC (Remix Artist Collective)’s remix of Home makes the song more modern in sound by incorporating synth beats, however still managing to preserve the old folk sound. In other words, it does great justice to the original.

13. Tomas Barfod – November Skies (Feat. Nina Kinert)

An electronic pearl unlike anything I’ve heard the preceding year in danish music, Mr. Barfod’s November Skies is very well produced, huge in sound and features enchanting vocals by Nina Kinert.

12. NONONO – Down Under

Soothing vocals combined with playful melodies, NONONO’s Down Under is a must-have addition to your late-summer-evening-playlist.

11. HAERTS – All The Days

Epic  and heartfelt, All The Days should probably be higher on this list, but it’s just so damn hard to choose. This song evokes strong nostalgia for me.

10. London Grammar – Hey Now

Cracked the top ten! A band that I have mentioned a couple of times before on this blog, London Grammar should probably have had more songs on this list if I hadn’t decided to only post one song per artist. I can highly recommend their 2013 debut album If You Wait.

9. Say Lou Lou – Feels Like We Only Go Backwards (Tame Impala Cover)

I once read a YouTube comment calling the music of the two australian born swedish sisters “sad-girl-club-core”, or something amongst those lines. I’m really bugged that I didn’t write that down, since it was both suitable and fun.

8. Keep Shelly In Athens – Recollection

I continue the list in the stylistically same vein as the above, only with slightly more electronics. On KSIA’s Recollection, the band incorporate somehow affectionate samples coupled with a smooth, female voice for your listening pleasure.

7. Ghost Loft – So High

Being one of those bands that release a couple of great songs and then disappear, there is ever more reason to enjoy this chillwave piece.

6. Solange – Losing You (Cyril Hahn Remix)

On C. Hahn’s remix of Solange’s Losing You, the Vancouver-based DJ puts emphasis on the experience of losing someone and gives the song a way more dark feel. Clever work with the vocals plus a total instrumental rework makes it a stand out track.

5. Passenger – Caravan (Kygo Remix)

Kygo was certainly a remixer to watch in 2013 and even more so in this year, and this song was what got me convinced. He alters Passenger’s Caravan into a cascade of colorful melodies along with a smooth-as-fuck beat.

4. Destiny’s Child – Say My Name (Cyril Hahn Remix)

As described in #6, Mr. Hahn likes to take songs into a dark direction, which is also evident on this remix of Destiny’s Child. The guy must be some sort of magician, ‘cos this is hella good.

3. MS MR – Think Of You (RAC Remix)

Think of You by MS MR gets revamped in this highly danceable version by RAC. So awesome. And that chorus! YES

2. Goldroom – Embrace (MyKill Remix)


1. Toro Y Moi – Still Sound (Vindata Remix)

Phew. At #1 already? Grab a glass of whatever and enjoy the view (if you have any) on a sunny day to this song. Wait, what am I saying, if it’s sunny outside, you should go to the park and blast this song at max volume. Fuck the haters, and especially everyone else who’s probably trying to enjoy the outside as well, because this song is a true gem; but I dont have to tell you, since you’ve (hopefully) already pressed the play button!


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