A year in retrospect

So 2013 was massive in so many ways. In january I went to a Folk High School for half a year (check: Vallekilde) and met so many cool, inspiring people, whom I otherwise would never have met. Many of these people ended up becoming my best friends.
I challenged myself personally in a lot of different ways, explored my interest in writing as I attended the writer’s course, and met a wide range of danish authors.
I went from having texts on my hard drive that nobody knew existed, to standing in front of 50-60 people and reading my texts aloud.

Note: I don’t know the people in the photo, the picture just perfectly catches the atmosphere of the school. It might look like I did not have any friends, but I did. Trust me. Lol. Credit goes to Vallekilde.dk

This kind of self-realization, together with all the people I got to know, makes up for one of the greatest and most vital changes that has ever occurred in my life. Seriously, I now know people from the whole country and not just from my hometown. I’ve seen how things can be done in a lot of different ways and not just the way they do it back home. It was all pretty amazing and I’m having quite a hard time putting it into sentences and keeping it brief at the same time.

Another thing that happened during my stay at Vallekilde was my proper introduction to HypeMachine, a music site that collects songs from the blogosphere and puts them under one hood. I had created an account ages ago, but now I knew people who used it as well, and thus it made a lot more sense to me.

As I dilligently began to use HypeMachine,  I started discovering music in a new way. This does not only mean music diversity, but it has somehow also made it hard to compile a list of best newly discovered artists. You could turn that down as whining. But really, it has not been easy. Coming up is a list of top new artists for this year.




HI THERE INTERNET. I have not been posting for a while, and that sucks! The lack of posts is due to the fact that I have been attending a pretty homework-intensive math class since mid-september, and have thus not been in the mood, or had the time for blogging for the past three months. Excuses, yada yada. But now I’m back, and the year is ending! And you should know by now that you can’t say ‘end of a year’ without saying ‘lists’, or ‘hey let’s get drunk’. Well, I’ll have to stick with both, but for this blog I’ll just go with the lists-thing.

So brace yourselves. Lists are coming. Even though I don’t yet know what to put on them. But that just makes it ever more interesting.