Hit the highway: roadtrippin’ tracks

Some music is more fitting for driving than other. For example, I find ambient music hard to enjoy while driving, because there are so many details that get lost. And just as I exclude ambient from my driving playlists, some people may find heavy metal profoundly distracting (that does not even necessarily have to be behind the wheel). In this post I want to feature some music that I feel works for me when driving long distances.

Most people who have a drivers license and ever tried to drive for longer periods of time, have probably experienced the subtle sensation of a good driving song. The tag ‘driving songs’ does not describe a specific genre, but really depends on your driving style, and, of course, your taste in music. Speaking of driving style, you probably have heard those cars with the enormous speaker systems charging down the road while the bass is powerful enough to kill your grandma. I would call this particular driving style the douchebag, and often this is associated with either the genre hip-hop or some sort of harsh electronic music with at least 140 beats per minute. While I have nothing against these genres, I prefer different ones for covering long distances.

1# Perry O’Neil – Wave Force
Genre: progressive trance / house
Time of day: sunset/evening/night
*Suited for very long rides!

This song must be over 10 years old now. Still above awesome. It’s like as if it hints at the countless adventures that await beyond the horizon.
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2# Cinnamon Chasers – Luv Deluxe
Genre: electronic / synthpop
Time of day: all around the clock

Don’t miss out on this one if you’re crossing borders on four wheels with your friends, it’s just pure feel-good. (also, awesome video clip)

3# Chase & Status – Time (feat. Delilah)
Genre: drum ‘n bass
Time of day: evening/night

Drum ‘n bass is a perfect genre for when you’re on the road, simply because the pace is fast and thats also how you’re driving on the highway. Mix some sweet vocals in there and you have a perfect blend!

4# Lips – Everything To Me (Christian Strobe Remix)
Genre: retro-house / electronic
Time of day: sunset/sunrise

This Chr. Strobe remix of Lips is dreamy, catchy and fresh. Blast this out your speakers on a sunny day for maximum auditory pleasure. Just don’t forget the shades.

5# Carbon Based Lifeforms – Interloper
Genre: chillout / downtempo
Time of day: sunrise / early morning

Featured on the album of the same name, the track Interloper is perfect for that early morning ride. And you often have to start a journey early, so this is perfect for when the fog is still covering the land like a blanket.



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