Tracks of the moment #1

Yesterday the indie fellas Mansions on The Moon gave a heads up on facebook about their new song, Full Moon, which is a pleasant arrangement of retro-style synth chords and smooth, echoing vocals. The sound feels a bit 80s, and it’s really just going right in your head and stays there. Have a listen:

(are these guys soon releasing a full length?)
EDIT: while it ain’t a full length release, they have a new EP coming Oct. 14th, yay!

Cyril Hahn played in Copenhagen last week @ Rust, and I did not make it to the gig, which I am so bugged about. Especially since I’ve heard from friends that it was a really great set. So, recently I’ve been spinning his remix of Solange’s hit single Losing You, and I really can’t seem to get enough. Hahn amplifies the theme of losing, transcribing the song into a track with a darker atmosphere and deep bass, aswell as changing the pitch of the vocals, which I just think this is a great yet simple foundation for a nice, almost hypno-like track. Get on it:


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