New things, nice things

Phew, I know I haven’t been posting something in a long time, but I did not realize my last post was back in june! If only I could be arsed to update this lonely blog of mine some more, and perhaps become a successful blogger… well, a blogger atleast.

So, what’s new in Me-Land? Well, I’ve got a new keyboard. Not just any keyboard, the keyboard. Quite literally speaking, because I have acquired myself the Das Keyboard, a mechanical keyboard unlike any other. It is quite pricy, but there is nothing but quality and typing euphoria about this thing. Although I must say that I expected something a little bit different, I am still going to give this keyboard a try. One does not simply get used to a completely different thing after using the same rubber-dome based keyboard for the last 10 years! Oh, and did I mention that this thing has blank keys? Yes, it is badass. I am badass. Thanks.

Music-wise I have been listening to a lot of different tunes and styles, and names that stand out when I think of the last couple of months are definitely names such as Disclosure, TNGHT and Death Grips.
Disclosure are two brothers from the UK who play a blend of electronic music with some dub and garage influences. I found them randomly through youtube, and in two weeks they showed up on the UK top 40 chart with their song Latch, which is by the way awesome, give it a listen:

Next up is TNGHT, a collaboration between Lunice and Hudson Mohawke. These guys make some weird, sample-oriented, instrumental electronic music, which is essentially hip-hop beats, and this style in particular is apparently called ‘trap‘-music. They released their first EP this summer, and it features the song Higher Ground, which is a bass heavy track with a really catchy sample that relentlessly besieges your brain relentlessly, and stays in your head for days. For some this might seem annoying, but for others it will appeal as a killer track. Check it out:

Last, but certainly not least, there’s Death Grips. If you haven’t heard about Death Grips yet, they’re a Californian trio who make aggressive, forward thinking hip-hop, and generally just don’t give much of a fuck about anything. The trio consists of Stefan Burnett aka MC Ride, Flatlander and Zach Hill. The lyrical themes are obscure and deal with all kinds of things, such as drug abuse, paranoia and lust. The trio recently released their third full-length album, No Love Deep Web. Just about everything is controversial about this album, right from the first day of its release: some days before it was released, the label announced that it would have to postpone the release to sometime in 2013. The band clearly disagreed with this as they released the album themselves, most definitely pissing off some people over at Epic. Furthermore, the album cover featured an erect penis with the title of the album written on it. Maybe its just me, but I have never heard of a band who dared defy a label as big as Epic in this manner.
The album itself turned out to be a grower, and I’ve given it about 10 spins if not more, and I really like a lot of songs on it. The overall sound of the album is very heavy, electronic-wise. Death Grips have not used samples in the same manner as they did on their previous albums, and the vocal style of Ride is not as aggressive as before. But don’t be fooled, this is still aggressive, ugly and obscure as hell.
Have a listen:


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